Tim Knowles (United Kingdom, 1969- ) is a London-based artist with an extensive international portfolio of public art commissions, solo and group exhibitions.

Knowles creates process-based works, often involving natural movements of trees, insects, and wind to generate his drawings. His works use mechanisms and systems to combine drawing, digital technology, photography and video to capture interactions of the natural and man-made world. Driven by forces outside of the artist’s control, the outcomes represent investigations into the unpredictable, making visible hidden systems ordered by chance and the environment.

Mk3 Postal Drawing is one of a series of works that trace their own passage through the postal system using cameras and ink. In 2011 this work was sent via Fedex from London to Sydney, equipped with a mobile pen that plotted the movements of the package while it was in transit. The resulting drawing, Perspex box, and the device used to create the drawing constitute a self-contained artwork.

In 2012, the artist installed Windgrid, a public art project at Taylor Square for the City of Sydney (20 September 2012- May 2013) and the Mk3 Postal drawing was included in the exhibition Windlab at the National Art School Gallery. As a part of his project, Knowles also staged participatory Windwalk events working in partnership with the Creativity & Cognition Studios (CCS), a research centre at the University of Technology, Sydney. Members of the public were invited to participate in a walk guided by the wind. Starting from the central point of Taylor Square the Windwalkers wore helmets fixed with a weathervane. Guided by the wind, their path through the city was tracked by a gps device feeding back to a large screen in Taylor Square, resulting drawing visible on the screen traced all their routes making a web or map-like image.


Janet Ollevou
Assistant Curator (Collection)



Incidental Data at the UTS Gallery, curated by Kate Sweetapple for Sydney Design 2011.

Windlab at the National Art School Gallery, Sydney, 30 August – 13 October 2012

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Tim Knowles