In the cavernous interior of an aircraft a lone figure rappels from the roof, a shock of red hair a flash of colour in an otherwise monotone interior.

This dramatic scene, intensified by its scale and deep perspective is one of a series created by artist Rosemary Laing in and around Sydney Airport in 1996 and 1997.

Originally trained as a painter, Laing’s wide-angle photographs explore both traditional pictorial space and the interface of technology and nature.

The incidental figures in the Brownwork series suggest a cinematic narrative or performance that reaches beyond documentary of the warehouses, tarmacs and machinery of a working airport.

A popular work from our permanent Collection, Brownwork #9 was one of several artworks (including two others by Laing) selected for the Dr Chau Chak Wing building’s inaugural art installation. It is currently on display in the newly refurbished UTS Chancellery.


Janet Ollevou

This article originally appeared in U Magazine, March 2015

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Rosemary Laing