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UTS ART Live is a series of temporal public performance events that bring together professional artists and UTS students to collaborate and produce an art event on campus.

The first event for 2017 was A Game of Chess, by Jess Olivieri, Malcolm Whittaker and the UTS Chess Club. Held 24 May in UTS Tower foyer. To view images from A Game of Chess visit our Flickr page

The second event brings together the sound artistry of Super Critical Mass, first year UTS Business Faculty students and the iconic architecture of Frank Gehry’s Chau Chak Wing Building housing the UTS Business School. This event will occur September 2017

The third event in the series will draw on Sara Ahmed’s ‘Queer Phenomenology’ as artist Sarah Rodigari and the UTS LGBTI queer social club Out2Party consider queer readings of UTS campus. This event will occur in October 2017


A Game of Chess

The game of chess began before the sixth century, most likely in India. For nearly fifteen hundred years it has been a game for thinkers, whether they be artists, philosophers, militaries or factory workers. As French artist Marcel Duchamp notes, it is “a game of logic and mechanics, rather than mathematics”.

What themes are at play in a game of chess? In what ways does chess operate as a metaphor for life beyond the game? Is a game of chess ever just a game of chess?

A series of academics will explore these questions as they talk about their areas of research through the framework of chess, while being challenged to a game by members of the UTS Chess Club.

A Game of Chess will be held on 24 May in the main foyer of UTS Tower, 10am – 2pm. Come and join us to watch the theatre of chess exposed, and the discussions and meta-discussions evolve.


10am – Kristine Aquino, FASS

11am – Frank Zeichner, FEIT

12pm – Jacqueline Gothe, DAB

1pm – Jennifer Newman, FASS


For more information please contact alice.mcauliffe@uts.edu.au