About UTS Art Collection

Accessing the Collection

  • How can I find out what's in the UTS Art Collection?

    The UTS Art Collection is on display across most buildings on campus. Selected works will be featured on our website.

    A useful publication featuring highlights from the Collection was Points of View, published in 2002. To request a copy of this publication or enquire about the Collection please contact the Curator.

  • Can I borrow artworks from the UTS Art Collection?

    Selected works from the UTS Art Collection are made available for loan by Faculties or Units of UTS provided that conditions for preservation and security of the artworks are met.

    External loans from the UTS Art Collection are only made to established museums or galleries and not to individuals.

    For further information, please contact the Curator.

About Learning & Projects

Visiting With Students

  • How can I book a workshop or tour for my students?

    For further information or to request a booking please contact:
    UTS ART Coordinator Learning and Projects
    m. 0417 555 320 p. 02 9514 2931 or e. UTS ART Learning and Projects

  • Is there something available for the age group I teach?

    Yes, UTS ART runs workshops and tours for pre-school through to adult learners.

  • Do you have a venue safety document?

    Yes, you can download it here.

  • Are there places for students to eat nearby?

    Yes, UTS Gallery is adjacent to the UTS DAB café. There are also a variety of fast food eateries and cafes in easy walking distance.

  • Can we just drop in?

    UTS Gallery is open to the public Monday to Friday 12 – 6pm and Saturday 12 – 4pm. Anyone is free to drop in during these hours, however we prefer to be notified about group visits to ensure that tour groups do not clash and that a staff member can be available to answer any questions.