Clanger (longitude, latitude, velocity) is a 36 channel video installation shown on custom software and LCD displays. Each channel depicts a morphing, changeable shape in either blue or red, each shape representing a football player in particular match:  Round 26, 2017 between the Sydney Swans and Carlton. The shapes bend and flap, their team colours fluttering like flags against a blue sky.

 The work considers the aesthetics of the power structures that govern and define professional athletes. Each player on the field wears a GPS pack that gathers of data on the player’s individual performance, which team management uses to assess the player’s strengths and weaknesses and in turn their monetary value to the club. The data is retained by the club and is sold when the player is sold. This work re-articulates a version of the match as being a contest between two datasets, and considers a new reality in which the optimisation of the human body is an extension of neocapitalist exchange.

This work was produced as a result of a residency Pailthorpe undertook with Professor Aaron Coutts in Sports and Exercise Science in the Faculty of Health at UTS. This residency was supported by the Synapse program funded by Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT). It was exhibited in the exhibition Clanger at UTS Gallery in 2018.

Baden Pailthorpe is  an Australian artist whose videos and installations explore the history, politics and cultures of technology. His artworks have taken as their subject sport, finance, contemporary art, militarism and their associated technologies, aesthetics and politics.

Baden Pailthorpe