Thom Roberts is best known for creating spontaneous nicknames and portraits of the people he meets, based on assessments of the crown of their head. Thom also sees trains as people and people as trains. These paintings show how he lends human traits, emotions and characteristics to trains, creating hybrid forms that are inspired from the people around him. This work is a portrait of the father of fellow Studio A artist Mathew Calandra [Kenny Mathews] as a Sydney train.
Thom also works in performance, animation and installation, and his work has been exhibited as part of Underbelly Arts Festival, Big Anxiety Festival and Cementa. Most recently, a large-scale installation of Thom’s train works were shown at Carriageworks as part of The National: New Australian Art in 2019. He collaborates regularly with artist Harriet Body as Thom & Angelmouse.

Thom Roberts