New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based artist Daniel von Sturmer works primarily in video, using it as a medium to explore experiences of space and time and the fundamental laws governing perception. His work takes influence from the history of 20th century cinema, as well as abstraction and still life art. Von Sturmer has exhibited widely in Australia and overseas, and was Australia’s representative at the 2007 Venice Biennale.

The Cinema Complex (Sequence 1 no 5) is one of two ‘still life’ photographs purchased by the UTS Art Collection in 2014. It shows a roll of tape finely balanced on a child’s building block in a seeming imitation of modernist sculpture.

More recently, his related video work The Cinema Complex (Sequence 4) has featured in the first UTS ART Screen Time program, which showcases recent media works by Australian artists. In this video, a series of small objects are pushed off a stack of paper by a pencil. The deceptively simple, short work elevates these mundane objects into subjects of curiosity, encouraging the viewer to consider space, scale, weight and gravity. Tension builds as the sequence progresses, but defies expectation for a narrative conclusion.



Janet Ollevou


U mag November 2017
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Daniel von Sturmer