The balance of your bank account is reflected in your face is a large-scale sculpture that reflects—literally and figuratively — upon the intervention of technology in our everyday lives and relationships. A large custom-cut mirror is etched with the outline of an automatic teller machine, reflecting the viewer in full. The ATM’s screen captures the viewer’s face, embodying the double meaning of the artwork’s title. The work mocks perceived expectations of personal value in a capitalist society, in which machines have become the arbiters of our personal and private lives. The artist’s commentary on technological obsolescence has become more apt in the years since the work was made, as ATMs grow increasingly irrelevant in the era of cashless technology.

 This was work was exhibited at UTS Gallery in 2012, as part of Wade Marynowksky’s solo exhibition Universal Remote. The exhibition questioned the role of technology in making our lives easier, and bestowed a ‘techno-fetishism’ on objects such as the universal remote, which he rendered as a series of carved timber sculptures.

Dr. Wade Marynowsky is an artist, academic and researcher working across robotics, immersive and interactive performance and installation. His research explores the concept of robotic agency by challenging notions of classical spectatorship and performance. Exhibiting nationally and internationally since 1998, Marynowsky’s work has been presented in major festivals, biennales and survey exhibitions, including a major solo survey Nostalgia for Obsolete Futures, NGV Australia, 2014.

Wade Marynowsky

  • The balance of your bank account is reflected in your face 2012
  • sandblasted mirrored glass and wood
    • UTS Art Collection, gift of the artist, 2016
    • Accession number: UTS2016.002