Warakurna Superheroes #7 is part of a collaborative photographic series between Tony Albert and local artists and children from the Aboriginal community Warakurna, in Western Australia. The series pursues the theme of children creating their own destinies and identities; exploring how we can all be empowered by overcoming our fears.

Tony Albert visited the art centre over two periods to work collaboratively with the community to create artworks as part of the exhibition In Cahoots, Fremantle Art Centre, Perth. Warakurna Superheroes #7 depicts a young child in a makeshift Spiderman suit, which the children of Warakurna created through the collaborative process at the Warakurna Children’s Art Centre.

Albert’s interest in how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are represented throughout Australian culture, and his consistent engagement in collaborative processes with community demonstrates a level of reclamation of narrative and image through reappropriation.

On collaboration Albert says, “One of the best ways to learn about different people is the opportunity to live, work and collaborate with them.”

“(The) first point of collaboration for me was asking the community what they want. ‘What do you want?’ is a question that is not asked enough of Aboriginal people in any given circumstance particularly looking at rural and remote (regions). Being able to collaborate made me very excited; it is the essence of life.”

This resource was written by UTS student Jonah Johnson as part of a UTS ART Professional Placement.

David C. Collins, Karni Mitchell, Tony Albert