Mark Wagner The Path Before You 2010 collage on museum board panel. From the exhibition Creative Accounting UTS Gallery 2011. Courtesy the artist and Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NY

25 October—25 November 2011 Curated by Holly Williams. Conrad Bakker (USA), Melanie Gilligan (CAN), Andrew Hurle  (AU), Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre, Sanne Mestrom (AU), Kenzee Patterson (AU), David Shapiro  (USA), Janos Sugar (HUNGARY), Mark Wagner (USA), Time/Bank (USA). With loans from the Powerhouse Museum and the Westpac Banking Group Archives.

Drawing from alternative currencies, banking archives, pop culture and contemporary art, Creative Accounting scratched below the surface of the economic system to reveal money’s enigmatic side.

Money is many things at once—an abstract rendering of value, an agent of propaganda, a decorative device. It plays a central role in all of our lives yet is often overlooked as an object of contemplation. Creative Accounting brought to light some of the stories that surround currency—from the history of banking to the intricacies of anti-counterfeit patterns.

Casting a critical eye, the exhibition aimed to reinvigorate our engagement with money and the economic system beyond next week’s pay packet or the latest stock market crisis.

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