After Technology: ‘Videodrome’ Film Screening

  • This event has concluded.
  • Tickets available through Golden Age Cinema & Bar

James Woods plays Max Renn, the head of a Toronto television station always on the hunt for new sensationalist programs. One of his colleagues turns him onto Videodrome, a cult TV show depicting torture, murder and sadomasochistic sex and broadcast from a secret location. When Renn goes on a talk show to debate the morality of his network’s programming, he meets psychiatrist and radio show host Nicki Brand (Deborah Harry). Max and Nicki start dating and become increasingly obsessed with Videodrome, which provokes them to become ever more unhinged. This 1983 body horror is classic Cronenberg.

Videodrome has been programmed in response to After  Technology, which considers how Australian artists have registered the rise of technologies since the 1990s; from the emerging science of genetic testing and the effect of military technologies on civilian life, to the bleed between life online and IRL. The exhibition asks what becomes of love, the body, culture, family, community, nature, identity and communication after technology?

Presented by UTS ART, the exhibition includes Akil  AhamatRobert  AndrewTega Brain, Brian FuataRoslyn HelperPatricia PiccininiJulie  RrapYhonnie ScarceGrant Stevens, and VNS Matrix.

The screening of Videodrome will be introduced by researcher, educator, artist and techno-scientific muser Dr Susanne Pratt, who is currently based in the Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation, University of Technology Sydney, where she co-founded the xFutures Lab.