Lunchtime Talk – When Options Run Out, What Can Art Do?

  • This event has concluded.
  • UTS Gallery

    Level 4, Peter Johnson Building (Building 6)
    702 Harris St, Ultimo,
    University of Technology, Sydney

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Join us for a special lunchtime talk with artist Keith Armstrong on the research and philosophy behind his exhibition, Over Many Horizons.

In Keith’s words:
Each work in Over Many Horizons embodies a deep reflection upon the ‘ecological mesh’ – those myriad, binding relationships that profoundly entangle everything and everybody. In the lives we lead nothing acts alone. While we may choose to misunderstand or deny ecology, we can never avoid the effects of its gradual destruction.

Without resorting to confrontation or accusation I have created five works that each seek to encourage dialogues around differing aspects of this ecological mesh that we urgently need to come to know.

As Tim Morton writes in The Ecological Thought, ecology “has to do with love, loss, despair and compassion… It has to do with capitalism and with what might exist after capitalism. It has to do with amazement, open-mindedness and wonder. It has to do with doubt, confusion and skepticism. It has to do with concepts of space and time. It has to do with delight, beauty, ugliness, disgust, irony and pain. It has to do with consciousness and awareness. It has to do with ideology and critique. It has to do with reading and writing. It has to do with race, class and gender. It has to do with ideas of self and the weird paradoxes of subjectivity. It has to do with society. It has to do with coexistence”. (Morton 2010: 2)