Video Conference workshops STEAM

  • This event has concluded.
  • FREE by invitation to select NSW Regional schools

Invited Regional NSW STEAM schools:

Select STEAM schools form Regional NSW have been invited to take part in a trial program of video conferencing workshops, produced in collaboration between UTS ART, the Department of Education and Training and UTS Science Faculty’s algae research facility, Deep Green Bio Hub. these workshops compliment the STEAM resource Joyce Hinterding Floric Antennae 1.

Transmitted via a moving robot positioned at UTS and controlled remotely by the participating school, these workshops will touch on aspects of algae biology and how it can be harnessed to create sustainable products and processes for a more sustainable future. Students will then be taken on a tour of the Deep Green Bio Hub to see algae research at work. By remotely controlling the movements of the robot students have the chance to experience moving through the halls and lab spaces at the University while not having to leave the school grounds.


Availability: Term 4 2019

Duration: 45 mins

Audience: Stage 4 & 5 STEAM friendly DET schools in regional NSW with video conferencing infrastructure

Cost: FREE

Please complete the resource and make a booking on the link below.