Water // Fire

partner project with UTS School of Design

Water // Fire visualises the connected impact of Indigenous cultural resurgences against fracking and contamination across the continent. Through an exhibition and events featuring frontline water protectors, fire practitioners, and community research and advocacy partners, this cooperative program focuses on water and fire using moving and still image, audio and textual elements. Standing in solidarity with First Nations resistance campaigns across the continent, Water // Fire aspires to healing Country amidst the social and climate crisis of colonisation.


Venue: UTS Central: Broadway Screen and Jones St Foyer


Elder Project Lead: Aunty Rhonda Grovenor Dixon

Creative Research Lead: Dr Jason De Santolo

Gadigal Designer: Nadeena Dixon

Academic Collaborators: Prof Robynne Quiggan, Prof Susan Page, Prof Larissa Behrendt, Prof Gawaian Bodkin Andrews, Assoc Prof Jacqueline Gothe and Paddy Gibson.


Image courtesy Jason De Santolo.