Phantom Limb

Shoufay Derz, Owen Leong, Cyrus Tang

  • This exhibition has concluded.
  • UTS Gallery

    Level 4, Peter Johnson Building (Building 6)
    702 Harris St, Ultimo,
    University of Technology, Sydney

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Phantom Limb explores disembodiment and the attempt to bridge a physical or metaphysical divide through the photography, video and installation works of Shoufay Derz, Owen Leong and Cyrus Tang.



Shoufay Derz is a Sydney based artist whose practice reflects on death and the meaning of emptiness. Her work considers how the absent body is articulated through marks of presence.

The work of Melbourne-based artist Cyrus Tang considers memory and nostalgia through a process of disappearance. Tang approaches the immateriality of the body as a means to express displacement, loss, and disintegration.

Owen Leong is an artist and curator based in Sydney who uses the body and its surface as a membrane across which social, cultural and political forces are transmitted. His work explores the passage between perceptual and physical thresholds of the body.