Watch artist Ian Burns discuss why he has titled his exhibition ‘Too Much is Real’



In the video Ian Burns speaks about Thatcherite England, referring to the economic and political landscape in England under the prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Google Margaret Thatcher and then Google Margaret Thatcher and punk. How different are the results? What do the two searches tell us about Margaret Thatcher that only one search doesn’t tell us?


What music do you know about or listen to that is political or has been made as a reaction to society? Find the song online and play it your class, explain why or how it reacts against society or politics.


Ian Burns asks the question ‘why do we look at art?’ He suggests that art, like lots of creative activities including science, can be an escape from our surroundings where, sometimes, too much is real. Is art an act of escapism? What are some examples of when it is or isn’t?


Learn more about the Sex Pistols song ‘Pretty Vacant’  here