'(Inter State) Horizon 5, 2016

Keith Armstrong’s exhibition Over Many Horizons UTS Gallery 2 August – 23 September 2016 considers social, cultural and environmental ecologies. Armstrong asks audiences to consider the future and imagine our place and role within it. He draws on the idea of de-futuring, the time taken away from the future of human beings as a result of our individual and collective decisions and actions. Over Many Horizons encourages us to re envisage ourselves as future sustaining species, an act of re-futuring.

Armstrong works collaboratively with a variety of fellow artists, scientists and philosophers to realise his work. His practice can be participatory, robotic, auditory and sculptural. More can be seen on his website embodiedmedia.com

Four artist interviews have been made to explore Armstrong’s work and exhibition at UTS Gallery:

Ecology - Armstrong speaks about ecology in an expanded definition considering biotic and abiotic factors.

Collaborative practice – Armstrong talks about his artistic practice and the collaborations that have occurred with Scientists and other artists.

Deep Ecology – An underwater robotic creature creates a simulacra of an undiscovered deep sea creature.

O_TswellangAn ongoing collaboration between Armstrong and the HOT Rural Workers Association in South Africa which plays with ideas to re use waste to create housing.