Paul Greedy Ripple Tank Work in progress

Paul Greedy is an installation artist whose work explores the relationship between architecture and sound, light, air pressure and temperature.

He creates objects that sit in the gallery or exhibition space and respond to external input like someone speaking into a microphone or the movement of someone walking into a room or changes in temperature from one day to the next.

Greedy creates situations that seek to expand our understanding of how energy manifests and shapes our impressions of the world.

Have a look at Paul Greedy’s website and some of his past work.

Consider what the objects are made from. Are they utilitarian? What industry would you normally see these materials being used in? Listen to the sounds they make. What kind of sounds are they? How do they make you feel?

Is this what you would expect to see in a gallery? Look at the work Silent Presence. How does the environment the work is in affect our reading of it? Think about how you would read the work differently if it was in a white walled gallery.


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