UTS Gallery and Studio A present Dancing Together, a participatory online program with a simple mission; to make you feel good while you’re staying at home.

Since social distancing restrictions came into place in March, many Studio A artists have been working from home. For these artists, the studio is more than a place to make art, it is a social and familial space to make meaning, find connection and receive support.

As these artists continue to work from home they have been finding connection through conversation and dance via zoom. Now they’re inviting you to join them for daily dance sessions from June 2020.

Participants are invited to choose their favorite song and dance with a select group of Studio A artists (Emily Crockford, Meagan Pelham and Victoria Atkinson), led by Studio A artists-in-residence Harriet Body and Rosie Deacon.

Sessions are limited to one-person-per-session and are held on Tuesdays and Thursday until August 2020.

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