Responses to the Cloud was published on the occasion of the exhibition Cloud Studies by UK-based research agency Forensic Architecture. Responses to the Cloud contains new writing by Joel Spring, Saba Bebawi, Jason De Santolo, Tom Melick, Nikki Lam, Thalia Anthony, Micaela Sahhar and curators Stella Rosa McDonald and Eleanor Zeichner, bringing a local context to Cloud Studies.

This audio library of Responses to the Cloud compiles the nine texts read aloud by their authors.

Access programs at UTS Gallery are supported by UTS Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion.

Audio production by Jason L’Ecuyer.

Music samples used in this resource:

1. Ave Air- I Know You Have Been There
2. Curved Mirror- Parallel Events
3. Ethan Sloan- Lattermath
4. Van Sandano- Santosha
5. Craft Case- Secret Cargo
6. Ethan Sloan- Lattermath
7. Sarah The Instrumentalist- Peach Clouds
8. Brendan Moeller- In Search of Wonder