Técha Noble The Line from Daytona Beach, Florida to the Lyrebird Dell, Leura video still detail, 2015

The education resource for Técha Noble’s solo exhibition Crystal Romeo at UTS Gallery 10 March – 2 April 2015 has been designed to be used by Stage 5 & 6 secondary school teachers and students of creative arts and gender studies.

The resources have been designed to be open to curriculum teaching and extra curricular courses and can be used at the teacher’s discretion or students’ interest.

PLEASE NOTE: The resource contains many links to external sites that provide access to other artists’ and performers’ work. As many of the external sites reference queer culture or gender research they may contain images of nudity.


For students:

When viewing the videos, interviews and images within this resource and those that form the ‘artistic influences‘ section it is important to take into account the time artists’ were working and the social and political environment they were working within.

Many of the earlier examples of artists and performers provided used their creative practice and bodies as vehicles to question the dominant models of normative behaviour. It is thanks to their revolutionary and sometimes confronting work that we are able to enjoy the creative output of many artists, singers, fashion designers and performers that are today part of mainstream culture. It is also thanks to them that many advancements have taken place in the position of women in society and the acceptance and celebration of Gay and Lesbian culture in our society.


For teachers:

The resource pages below relate specifically to the work of Técha Noble in the exhibition Crystal Romeo, providing an overview of the artist’s practice and an interpretation of two of the works in the exhibition.

Crystal Romeo, Técha Noble – Introduction

Crystal Romeo – Norman Lindsay, queering the Modernist landscape

Crystal Romeo – Casey Legler & Androgyny

The resource pages below explore definitions relating to gender studies and queer culture that can be discussed when using the resource in gender studies courses. They can be used as a tool to interpret some of the artists in Técha Noble’s artistic influences but do not pertain directly to her work. They contain some discussion questions.

Crystal Romeo – Gender, LGBTIQA+ – What do they mean?

Crystal Romeo – Other, Queer, Foreign – What do they mean?

Finally, the resource page below provides an in classroom activity that can be used to explore media representations of gender and gender performativity.

Crystal Romeo – in class collage activity

View some photos of students taking part in artist-led workshops exploring gender through costuming and performance with Técha Noble at UTS Gallery in March 2015.