31 May – 15 July 2011  Alex Davies’ The Black Box Sessions is an augmented reality installation that was developed in Linz, Austria in conjunction with artist group ‘Time’s Up’ between August and September 2008.


The audience members wait in the waiting room. Near the entrance door to the performance area a light changes from green to red signalling to enter or wait. Noises can be heard from a separate room. The entertainers,who can be seen on a screen on the abandoned attendant’s desk, are in the green room preparing,chatting, testing their instruments.When the green light flashes, the next individual audience member can enter the pitch black surrounds.To view the performance s/he finds a single illuminated peephole located in the wall of the space through which the viewer’s own back can be voyeuristically watched via CCTV. Finally we see the performer enter the space on the screen but looking around the pitch black environment we see nothing.


The performance begins.


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