“Void”, curated by Emily McDaniel (Opening night). Photo: Campbell Henderson.

Void deals with many different aspects of Indigenous culture. The accompanying education resource seeks to provide you with basic building blocks to create a culturally safe, authentic base for starting a wonderful learning experience for your students. Please read through the following themes to help you begin this process.

The Void education resource exploring the three themes, through a selection of artists, is available online and for download.

Resource includes:

Curatorial essay by Emily McDaniel

An introductory essay by Bruce Pascoe

Teacher’s guide to create a culturally safe space

Void and Landscape – James Tylor and Danièle Hromek

Void and Knowledge – Dr Thancoupie Gloria Fletcher and Jonathan Jones

Void and the Undefined – Hayley Millar-Baker and Mabel Juli


Education resource written by Amy Bambach, Annie Renae Winters, Emily McDaniel and Alice McAuliffe. Font design by Lucy Simpson. Web design by Alex White.